I vividly remember going to see the movie “Fight Club” the week after it came out - fall of 1999. What struck me about this film, besides the fact the Brad Pitt has his shirt off for most of the movie, was the plot… Edward Norton works in a sea of gray, drab cubicles and is bored with his mundane life.  As he says in the movie… “everything is a copy of a copy.”  Norton is drawn to Pitt because he longs to break of of the norm and really "feel" something.  He is ready to WAKE UP!

copy of a copy.jpg

This was about the same time I was contemplating leaning out of my own gray cubicle and exploring new territory.  I was intrigued… I had subscribed to the move up the ladder lifestyle and I was feeling restless.

It was 7 years later that I started leading my own “club” - Women’s Global Network - giving others a chance to break of out of the day-to-day monotony and connect with a bigger purpose.  Now Hera Hub, is sometimes referred to as a “club”.  The connotation of “belonging” is a powerful one.

I’ve always loved flying - not only the feeling of flying but also the doors that it opens.  I love, love, love to travel.  So far I’ve been to 22 countries and have another 80+ on my list.  Because of this, I chose to "take flight" for the book launch event... paragliding off the iconic Torrey Pines for the book launch on 4/22/16.  See images from the flight and party.

It's the peacock that ties it all together.  My first entrepreneurial venture at age 8 really ties it all together... selling peacock feathers in front of JJ's market in Arroyo Grande, California.  Also, the male peacock being the symbol of the Greek Goddess Hera, as she was known for her big beautiful eyes (as those in the peacock feather) and being very watchful over women at every stage of their life.

I often use the analogy of taking flight when describing a business launch.  The idea of getting something off the ground and soaring is a strong visual for me.  

The First Flight Club

The Inaugural Flight Club took place October 2015.  Myself and six women walked in the footsteps of all the incredible Greek Gods and Goddesses, including Hera and Zeus.  We visited all the major archaeological sites in Athens, Nafplio, Delphi, Epidaurus, Olympia and Mycenae.  In between stops I worked with these amazing women to map out the foundation of their business and set a path for future growth.  We also sailed the Aegean Sea to the beautiful island of Mykonos, the historical site of Ephesus in Turkey, the Lost City of Atlantis – Santorini, and the islands of Crete, Patmos, and Rhodes.  For me, Rhodes and Santorini were special for a lot of reasons.  I was reminded of what it meant to experience life and have an adventure.  
Recap with pictures and video - herahub.com/magazine/greece-2015/

By the end of the trip each woman had a solid plan for future growth, knowing exactly what she needed to do get her business off the ground.  Upon our return she had the support of the Hera Hub community to keep her on track.  

Learn more about our annual Flight Club adventure... www.HeraHub.com/FlightClub2017